A moment to take stock

Needless to say the last few months have shaken us to the core. Being part of the Bike Boom has been both a blessing and a curse. In the days of compromise and tradeoffs, it seems most things are both blessing and curse.

As a small business we've been fortunate to have the ability to quickly adjust course when local and state rules of operation change overnight. I've rebuilt the majority of the shipping and logistics infrastructure with my home address instead of our shop up in Scotts Valley. We still maintain our manufacturing capability up in the shop but finished products are brought back here for packaging and shipping.

The Great Bike Boom of 2020 is still throwing us for a loop. We're basically building and shipping shifters as fast as we can get them built, QC'd and wrapped up. We've never seen sales like this before and it's hard not to feel a bit guilty amidst the economic destruction that's all around us. We're fortunate to be here and to be in a stronger place now that 2020 is half over than where we were a few months back.

It's finally the 4th of July holiday. We're getting our feet back under us and trying to refocus our efforts on maintaining our growing community of riders and folks who love our products. More posts, more newsletters, new products, and hopefully some good long days in the saddle ahead. 

Thanks for all the support.