Back in the Garage

This one is coming from the spot where it all got started. Yep, back in the detached garage - cold in the winter, sweltering in the summer, chock full of my in-law's bank statements and receipts from the 80's, too many bikes, too many surfboards, way too much rat shit. But it's home for now.

And to be fair, the first prototype wasn't built here, rather down in Brandon's garage. But once I came onboard with this crazy project we moved everything here so I could crank away at it.

We were proud to take a sub-leased spot up at Tony's Machine Shop in Scotts Valley 3 years ago (to the day?) and it felt like the right move. I was stoked to have a place to spread out, get organized, and focus on the early versions of the D1x shifter. And I had a new baby at home and having a place to escape from that wonderful distraction for a little bit was a big motivator to move.

Tony's served us well through the years and we got comfortable there. Sure we were always on the lookout for a larger and more professional looking space but there was something scrappy about Tony's and how it matched our ethos as a company. Dean, Dan, Mike... it was a good crew for a long time. 

And we still have some operations up there. We still have a lease and a bunch of the manufacturing still goes on up there. But with kids at home doing distance learning and my general dislike of getting sick I've moved a bunch of the operational side back to the garage where it all began. Back in the garage. Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, still a bunch of crap in here but at least I've dealt with the rats.