Sprint Power Supply

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Want a 50% Speed Boost for your D1x Trail? 

Introducing the Sprint Power Supply for the D1x Trail.

We shrunk the size of the shifter batteries to fit an extra cell in the circuit to bump up the system voltage. Long story short -> faster shifts from your D1x Trail!

How fast? How about a 50% increase in shift speed! Who doesn't want a piece of that???

Get  Sprint Power and your D1x Trail will be snappier than ever.

Full Set includes:

  • 3x Sprint Lithium-ion Rechargeable Cells
  • 4-position USB charger
  • Red anodized battery door specifically designed for the Sprint Cells

Cells Only includes:

  • 3x Sprint Lithium-ion Rechargeable Cells

You're going to need the Red battery door and 4-position charger. Trust us.


A 4-position USB charger is included with the set.

Technical Details: