D1x Trail Shifter + MFR Drop Bar Remote

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The Multi-Function Remote (MFR) is the Universal Remote for Road, Gravel, Hand, and Recumbent bikes!

 The D1x Trail adds high-performance electronic shifting to any derailleur. Get smooth, precise shifting no matter what you ride.

With Micro-Adjust capabilities the MFR lets you tune individual gears from the riding position. You're always in tune with the D1x Trail.

MFR Remote Features:

  • Micro-Adjust individual gears so your chain is never skipping
  • Easy USB charging with up to 25 hours ride time
  • Eliminate shift cables from your handlebars

Shift Button Options:

Single Strand

  • The cleanest look - a single shifting location on your bars
  • 1 Up Shift & 1 Down Shift Button
  • 40cm wire from plug to buttons
Double Strand
  • Maximum flexibility - shift from multiple positions
  • 2 Up and 2 Down Shift Buttons
  • 40cm from plug to buttons
  • 25cm between buttons
Shift Splitter
  • Bring Your Own Buttons
  • Requires mono 3.5mm headphone plug switches
  • Compatible with most accessibility switches

D1x Trail Shifter Features:

  • Compatible with ANY rear derailleur
  • Works with 1x, 2x, and 3x drivetrains
  • Up to 80 hours ride time
  • Sealed electronics
  • Designed, built and tested in Santa Cruz, California

Want to make your own buttons? Contact us and we'll help you out!

Check out the FAQ for more details and our YouTube channel for more info.

Installation Manual for D1x Trail Shifter.

Installation Manual for MFR Remote.

International customers, you may be responsible for additional costs when importing into your country. Please contact us if your country isn't listed.

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