Updates to the D1x Trail Shifter

We're super excited to share the updated D1x Trail with you all! Here's a description of all that's new.

Fully redesigned enclosure
We found that there was enough play and motion in the drive elements that the shifters were failing sooner than expected. After tracing it back to loose fit in some of the drive members, we redesigned with more support around the moving parts and have fully embraced 3D printing so that we can attain extremely tight tolerances. This all adds up to longer life on the shifter, less noise, and higher precision.

Also, we've fixed a bunch of the major water ingress issues we were facing with the first version.

And most importantly, the enclosure is screwed together and sealed with silicone glue which means that the unit is end-user serviceable if need be. We're going to offer replacement parts if your out-of-warranty device has a failure and needs only one thing to be replaced. I'm so damn tired of wasting good plastic, electronics, and motors in the servicing game. This is going to be a big bonus for any one who doesn't like obsolescence in their electronics!

Bump and Run
The shifter is in hibernate mode until you give it a jolt to wake it up and go for a ride. The amount of shock needed is tunable in the app so you can make it more or less sensitive if you're going to be driving with your car a bunch.

The shifter goes back into hibernate mode once the shutdown timer elapses which is also tunable in the app.

Cartridge Battery
Redesigned power input system now uses a cartridge type battery that snaps into place on the shifter. Easy to change the battery for charging, easy to keep a spare cartridge in your pack.

e-bike adaptors
The new power input interface can be used with an e-bike power adaptor to draw power from the e-bike battery. These are e-bike specific and we have a variety of different plugs to choose from. 

AXS battery compatibility
You can also snap an AXS battery onto the shifter or use one of the e-bike adaptors that has a Di2 plug on the end to power from an Di2 battery that you shove in your seat tube or wherever.

Easier installation
No more proprietary straps. We use zip ties now that auto-align during installation so it's super easy to put a D1x on your bike.

Updates to app
Saved wheel library to swap wheels
Tune your accelerometer sensitivity
Updates for ease of use and installation help