Get fast, precise shifting no matter what you ride

Electronic shifting that's designed to work with any rear derailleur on any bike.

Awesome Product and Customer Support!

I love this D1x Trail! It shifts fast, smooth, and precise with almost no thumb pressure. I find I am shifting more now that it is so effortless.

- Rick

The other thing that makes this incredible

is the ability to switch from say 11 speed to 12 speed with the same derailleur

- Paul

This shifter is DOPE!

Expensive SRAM, expensive Shimano, or this Archer thing that touted its ability to work with any derailleur and any cassette. I definitely made the right choice!

- Steve


This is all you need ... out for my first ride and 20 min all I was thinking was I need to replace all my other MTB's with D1x wireless shifter system truly amazing and flawless system. You guys did it, I'm sold.

- Tirso

A New Kind of Shifter


Mix and match components and everything just works.

Bend your hanger or roast your derailleur and keep your shifting smooth with individual gear adjustments on the fly.

SHIFT EVERYTHING with the D1x Trail.

Simple Setup

Riding With Pain?

Hand Built in California

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