D1x Trail Shifter (Gen 2) - MFR Remote

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Shift Everything with the new D1x Trail electronic shifter. Fully programmable to work with nearly every derailleur or geared hub.

  • Bump and run autostart
  • Quick-charging cartridge battery
  • Up to 30h run time or 3 months of standby
  • Works with all Archer remotes
  • Micro-adjust individual gears on the fly
  • Sealed against the elements and ready for your wildest rides
  • Compatible with e-bike powered connector (coming soon!)

Kit comes with everything you need to get started

  • Shifter
  • Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Shift cable (60cm)
  • Cable housing
  • Mounting zip-ties
  • MFR Remote
  • Shift Buttons or Splitter

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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barry shapiro
new instalationthis

this is the fourth group i have installed.had a little problem setting the sprockets on the app but everything works ok now.the big problem is where i feel the most comforble with the blip buttons.this is a personal thing and i will have to work it out

Easy set up: Runs flawless

Everything was great except UPS. It will not affect you if you order on Monday. Takes Archer two days to package and UPS three days to get it to you. Otherwise weekends they don’t run. At least usps packages still travel during the week. Choose FedEx or usps. The components are awesome. Easy setup and truly a great idea. You keep all your shifters and just add this box and blips. I have four places to shift from. If you don’t plan to use but two shifter blips, don’t choose four. Hard to find two other places to use them.

Lee Zuhars
D1x more accurate than index shifters.

From https://www.protomatix.com/EBIKE.htm
Allowed a short run of cable /housing. The favored and less expensive non electronic derailleur does not need to be changed and shifting performance was improved dramatically. The system was easy to set up with the Archer components app.

Yllan Maxwell
Works flawlessly!

I’ve used the D1X Gen2 with the MFR remote for about seven months. The D1X has been flawless, providing excellent shifts with no issues. I highly recommend this component; it just works.

I was running a stock SRAM Apex groupset for a 1-by-11. Pulling out the old shift cable, attaching the supplied D1X shift cable in the stock Bodden tube for my bike, and then mounting the D1X to the frame took about 10 minutes. 

I mounted MFR remote buttons by cutting appropriate-sized holes through the two hoods and slipping the buttons under the hoods. I then ran the cables to the middle and put the handlebar tape over the top, taking about an hour. Plugging in cables and attacking the remote took less than a minute.

I threw the bike in the stand, powered on the D1X, downloaded the app for the iPhone, connected via Bluetooth to the D1X, and selected 11 gears. Getting it fully adjusted via the app for flawless shifts took about 15 to 20 minutes, including setting the multi-shift option and default gear to limp home if the battery dies.

Disconnecting the app from the DX1 and then turning on the MFR remote and pairing it to the D1 X was straightforward and took less than a minute.

Overall, installing this component was very easy, required no special tools, and only took as long for me because I custom-fit the shift buttons. Dollar for dollar it was the best purchase I have ever made for the drivetrain.

Scott Ewing
Love everything about D1x except

Let me say to start I have the D1x on my two gravel bikes and my road bike. Love this system, it's programmability, and compatibility. Functionally it is awesome. The one thing I would like to see improved is the tactile feedback of the shifter buttons. The buttons just don't have a good feel so it's difficult to tell if it's engaged. If you can fix this then it's 5 stars all the way.