Extra Retention Straps - Gen 1

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Need some extra shifter straps? Well then, here you go!

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Fast n' Furious
The right parts

I have two Archer D1x's. I purchased one new, the other used. The used one had a frayed cable end.
My shifting was not as precise as the new one. Somewhat erratic, and I cringe at frayed cables on my machines, so I removed it.
Whoa !!! There were several strands broken and about 1/4" of wire sticking out right at the end termination block.
I'd already been re-adjusting my derailleur - perplexed at the slightly erratic shifting. I imagine quite soon I'd have gone bananas trying to diagnose the problem as those hidden broken wires wrapped into the inner screw gear.
So, I ordered a few Jagwire cables. Surprise !!! Compared with my other unit they're thinner and a different color - same as the one I removed?
Needed a spare set of straps anyhow, so I ordered a couple cables from Archer.
On arrival I find they're definitely thicker and the slight gold tinge color of the type that came new from the factory. They feel slicker too.
I checked the cable on my other unit. Couple thousand miles and no inner fraying.
Two lessons for me: (1) Stick with Archer you get what works.
(2) Use a stretcher, end caps I don't fray cables and won't have to replace them.
The guy that sold me the used D1x (a real bargain and not a scuff mark on it) frayed the cable, probably cut it too short and he replaced with an inferior cable - that went bad quick. It must have been shifting erratic and he thought it was junk, so I got it at 1/2 price.
'For want of a nail [his] kingdom was lost'.
Oh yeah. The straps! They work perfectly. Best cut them an inch too long, until you find exactly where you want them.
I prefer mounting where if I lay the bike down, or if crap get's stuck in my spokes the Shifter isn't damaged.
My thanks to Archer.