D1x Trail Shifter (Gen 2) - No Remote

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Already have an Archer remote? Here's your upgrade path!

Shift Everything with the new D1x Trail electronic shifter. Fully programmable to work with nearly every derailleur or geared hub.

  • Bump and run autostart
  • Quick charging cartridge style battery
  • Up to 30h run time or 3 months of standby
  • Fully compatible with all Archer remotes
  • Micro-adjust individual gears on the fly
  • Sealed against the elements and ready for your wildest rides
  • 133g - Shifter and battery total weight
  • Compatible with e-bike powered connector (coming soon!)

Kit comes with everything you need to get started

  • Shifter
  • Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Shift cable (60cm)
  • Cable housing
  • Mounting zip-ties

No Remote included in this kit!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Much quicker shifting that also seems more crisp. Upgrading to D1x (Gen 2) exceeded my expectations. Very happy and satisfied that I did I this.

World's Okayest Cyclist
Great upgrade

I have the original and decided to upgrade. I have mine on a road bike. I use black tape to cover the "trail" part. I guess that would be my only change is to remove the word "trail" so folks would "see" it on their road bikes. Works great. No more sprint batteries and much easier to charge and install them. No issues with water entry and love the new bump start.

Jim kistler
Upgraded to D1X gen 2

The D1X swift shifting on my 9 speed (50-11) ebike has amazing accuracy. At the touch of the paddle remote the derailleur immediately finds the next freewheel clog. With the D1X gen 2 and the ebike adaptor there is always 12 volts available to shift. My arthritic thumb no longer restricts my shifting so I shift more often and ride more efficiently.

long awaited improvements

First of all I have to say riding without Archer Components is like going back to using tubes and rim brakes!
I have been riding for AC now for about 4 years - their products and customer service are awesome. Using DBR on two of my bikes in collaboration with TRP and paddle shifters on the remaining 4 bikes.
Absolutely stoked on the new Gen2 shifter since there were a few hickups with Gen1 especially with water entering the system. A somewhat soggy late summer here in CO and me traveling to bike parks left me more than once stranded with non functional shifters due to water entering the system due to the bikes being transported outside of my vehicle. Don't have to worry about that anymore! And gone are the annoying batteries their handling and charging- USB way to go just charge the shifter like the paddle remotes and DBR = awesome.
No matter if I am riding my 7 speed DH bike, 11 speed fatbike or 12 speed on my other bikes - AC does it all and now does it even better.
UCI Pro - AC Ambassador