D1x Trail Shifter (Gen 2) - Paddle Remote

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Shift Everything with the new D1x Trail electronic shifter. Fully programmable to work with nearly every derailleur or geared hub.

  • Bump and run autostart
  • Quick-charging cartridge battery
  • Up to 30h run time or 3 months of standby
  • Works with all Archer remotes
  • Micro-adjust individual gears on the fly
  • Sealed against the elements and ready for your wildest rides
  • Compatible with e-bike powered connector (coming soon!)

Kit comes with everything you need to get started

  • Shifter
  • Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Shift cable (60cm)
  • Cable housing
  • Mounting zip-ties
  • Paddle Remote & handlebar clamp

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

It works perfect and I love the feel and look of less cables!! Barspins!!!

Frank Jensen
Unbelievably cool shifter

I installed this shifter easily (but I did have to follow the instructions).
I was shocked at how easily you can dial in each gear for flawless shifting.
The bike shops were never able to perfectly tune my gears in on my Specialized Epic MTB. Problem solved with the d1x!
I have pretty bad arthritis in my right thumb and this shifter is a game changer. Thank you Archer Components.
I suggest that you buy a 2nd battery. Batteries.... will always let a guy down. Nice to have a backup. Have needed it a few times.
Frank Jensen
Weekly MTB rider in ND

Gen2 is the upgrade we all needed!

I started w/ the original kit a few years ago and loved the system so much I put it on all 3 of my bikes. When the paddle remote came out, I upgraded them all to that and it immediately made the the system sleeker and easier to use. Now with the Gen2 shifter this kit fixes some of the minor quirks I had with the original gen. Bump and Run is a game changer for me (no more jumping off my bike 4 pedal strokes in because I forgot to turn the shifter on) and the removable battery makes keeping a spare handy a 10 second swap out. Thanks, Archer!

Blake Seese
Loved it immediately

Just did my first ride with the D1x on my Pivot Mach429 Trail. I have gotten a bit of arthritis in my shifting thum and found I was avoiding shifting. Not anymore! This thing works amazing. In one 10 mi. ride I could tell this was the solution to my problem. I have to agree with a previous review that the ergonomics on the paddle shifter are a little off. Not horible or anything, just a little off. I'm going to look into the Wolftooth clamp that the previous reviewer mentioned as I felt like I wanted it tucked a little more under the bar as well. Super EZ install and required no adjustment after the initial set-up. Definitely five star!

Great things in a small box

Just got this D1X Trail Shifter last week. Our daughter is special needs. Special Olympics Utah is having a Duathlon for the first time and my daughter is very interested in competing. She has always ran track before and is now ready for a change. My wife and I bought her a used road bike. Our daughter has alot of trouble with shifting gears. When I saw this I knew that this paddle shifter would help Jazmine out alot. So I got a used set of straight mountain bike handle bars. I installed the paddle shifter today and had Jazmine try it out. When she came back up the driveway she was one happy camper. Took me an hour to install it. Lots of breaks. The system works so nice. I'm a believer. From one to ten I am giving this shifter a 20. Really nice to be able to dial it in on every gear. Thanks so much for your solution to gear shifting.