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Bike Magazine - Tested: Archer Components D1x Trail

“Performance benefits aside, the D1x is simply fun to have on your bike.”

Photo: Sam McMain

Mountain Bike Action

"Archer makes this process [installation] relatively easy with a step-by-step setup wizard. After about 10 minutes of fumbling on our own, we followed the steps found on Archer’s YouTube channel, which made sense of all the settings and adjustments quickly."

Photo: Mike Wirth

Race Report: 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

“There were many virtues of the D1x, but I mostly appreciated the effortless shifting once exhaustion set in, and the perfect shift every time, even under race efforts.”

Photo: Seth Portner

Gear Institute - Best New Gear Awards

“More affordable than a full electronic groupset, this after market system transforms almost any mechanical shifting mountain bike into an electronic shifting machine.”

Photo: Amy Juries

The Inventory – In Depth Review

“… the Archer Components D1x Trail is easily the best value for your money in a durable, precision bike e-shifter that lives up to all the hype.”

JF Rides describes the difference between the original D1x and the new D1x Trail


Bike Mag - Tested: Archer Components D1x – Wireless Shifting for the Masses

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