Gen 2 D1x Cage Mount

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The new Gen 2 D1x Shifter cage mount bracket is a must-have for folks who want to keep their unsprung weight low on the rear triangle or want to mount a shifter up where the LED is visible when riding.

Two styles available - Side Mount and Flat Mount

  • Side Mount - positions the shifter off to the side and allows you to use a water bottle cage 
  • Flat Mount - puts the shifter on top of the cage mount bolts so you won't be able to use that spot for a bottle cage

Securely mount your D1x on your frame at a bottle cage mount point. 

  • Super stable mounting position
  • Great for narrow chain stays or curvy geometry
  • Ideal for minimizing unsprung weight and maintaining aerodynamics

We recommend measuring your expected cable run and picking up a standard length cable and housing from our shop when you order.