D1x Trail Shifter (Gen 2) - Paddle Remote

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Shift Everything with the new D1x Trail electronic shifter. Fully programmable to work with nearly every derailleur or geared hub.

  • Bump and run autostart
  • Quick-charging cartridge battery
  • Up to 30h run time or 3 months of standby
  • Works with all Archer remotes
  • Micro-adjust individual gears on the fly
  • Sealed against the elements and ready for your wildest rides
  • Compatible with e-bike powered connector (coming soon!)

Kit comes with everything you need to get started

  • Shifter
  • Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Shift cable (60cm)
  • Cable housing
  • Mounting zip-ties
  • Paddle Remote & handlebar clamp

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Great system

Having no idea exactly how this would work or feel, I'm super impressed with the quality and performance. Little confusing at first with the app and syncing, but customer service was awesome and straightened me out. Hoping to use this system on a few of our bikes!

Andreas Partl
my rescue

Since I am physically limited by ms.
I have a mountain TRIKE! Due to the size, the shift cable is over 2.7 meters long, with the corresponding problems of direct shifting without delay!!!!!!!!
Thanks to the D1X Trail Shifter, direct shifting is possible in a fraction of a second!!!!!!!!!!
It's indescribable how much fun it is to drive again without having to deal with an "overloaded" circuit!!!!!!!!!

So far so good!

I ordered the Dx1 with the Paddle Shifter. It arrived in a reasonable time. I have purchased several kits and so far almost no issues. The time there was an issue Devin at Archer jumped through hoops trouble shooting and providing a resolution quickly. The firs few units I installed I had questions and he always had time for explaining things. Customer Service is Top Notch!

Frank F Lawrence
Frank’s Recumbent

Before, the shifter cable was very long and would stretch some. With the new shifter close to rear derailleur, shifting is smooth and quiet. No jumping gears caused by cable stretching. Charging is much better, not dealing with individual batteries.

Todd Choti
Love it!

The D1x Trail is simply incredible. The flexibility and performance it offers is unparallel. not to mention the ability to fine tune each shift point is amazing.